Photo POSTs

This project aims to develop Participative Science in the field of coastal management, involving citizens for obtaining photographic information on the coastline condition and evolution. The Photo Posts, whose original idea comes from Ireland (Glendalough PhotoPost), allow to take advantage of the following regional characteristics:

  1. the Algarve coast is visited by thousands of people who walk by the sea every day and photograph the landscape;
  2. the littoral management needs a regular coastal observation;
  3. the spatial and temporal variability of the environment is yet to know and explain.

This project, developed by the Interactive Science Museum of Algarve (Centro Ciência Viva do Algarve in Faro), was selected and funded by the National Agency for Scientific Culture –Ciência Viva in 2015. Researchers from CIMA Research Centre, University of Algarve, and from the Portuguese Environment Agency will use the obtained data.